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Mario Huys

My passion is in advising, informing, instructing and motivating people of all ages and abilities!

I help people in identifying and reaching their sporting goals. My main focus is on making them more successful, confident and stronger. There are enough critics already. What our age needs is people who encourage (Konrad Adenauer). You become a good coach not just through specialist training and experience. Coaching is an attitude to life - namely understanding and respecting people as they are.

Supporting them, believing in them and not wanting to change them. Not dictating to them, but enabling best performance through appropriate methods and training inputs.

In 2017, I obtained an IRONMAN certification and since then am a Certified IRONMAN Coach.
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The benefits of coaching

Anyone focussed on a programme for personal success has the best basis for enjoying a happy and, above all, a successful life.

Your personal benefits
  • You get moral support
  • You receive encouragement and are taken seriously
  • You stick to your goals, even when things get difficult
  • You don't give up
  • You achieve any sporting goals you may have
  • You make a determined start and take the first step
The services of your coach
  • Respect for your background, values and wishes
  • Picking up from where you are at the moment
  • Healthy, top-class training
  • You are the focus
  • Your coach believes in you and your dreams

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