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Mario Huys Coaching Institute MHC®

During my many years' experience in the areas of competitive sport and fitness, I have seen many techniques and trends, but have come to the plain conclusion that the simplest methods are often the best ones. Why use complex training concepts when there are simpler solutions? With my new Institute, the aim is to be true to this. I have established a dynamic environment with experienced and well qualified trainers, who guarantee safe and effective training, as well as exercise that is fun.

Our range of Sports Expertise

  • Coach-athlete interviews (anamnesis)
  • Sports science movement checks: physical fitness, BIA, coordination tests and mobility and stability tests (FMS)
  • Performance diagnostics and creation of training plans
  • Lactate measurement
  • Metabolic rate measurement
  • Muscle function diagnostics
  • Recommendations for effective endurance training management with individual training modules

Competitive Sports at MHC® in Kundl

Higher, faster, further.

Today's professional sportspeople demand consistent high performance from themselves and their bodies. At MHC® we know how important individual coaching is - so that it doesn't lead to a loss of performance. We can support professional sportspeople of all levels in terms of staff and equipment. For greater endurance, strength and mental stamina.

Many professional athletes are already using the wide range of services at the MHC® Institute. This includes young talent from Austria's Tyrol and junior skiers, swimmers, triathletes, ski-jumpers and golfers.


Info & Contact

We will be pleased to arrange an appointment with you.

Opening times:
Mon - Fri : 08.00 - 13.00 & 16.00 - 20.00 hrs
Sat: 09.00 - 12.00 hrs
Closed on Sundays and public holidays
Private training units or group training on request

MHC® Institute Team

  • Mario Huys: MSc Sport Science - Master Coach
  • Meinhard Vintler: Dr. Med. Univ. - Expert Coach
  • Sabine Huys: Senior Coach
  • Sascha Stepan: Trainee

I would be very pleased to welcome you to my new Institute - so that you can experience that great range of training opportunities for yourself.

Inspiration for motivation

Some interesting facts about Mario Huys Coaching Institute MHC®

Mario Huys Coaching Institute MHC® versus Gyms

A modern gym should support and develop a person's natural movement. Because I have been working in the sport and fitness industry for over 35 years, I have given some thought to revolutionising the traditional gym - moving away from just the provision of equipment, towards intelligent and varied training methods that are also fun.

With my new Institute, the aim is to be true to these requirements. I have established a dynamic environment with experienced and well qualified trainers, who guarantee safe and effective training, as well as exercise that is FUN.

In addition, I am also specialised in supporting people in rehab due to injury, muscular imbalances or unstable joints. For them, there are numerous possibilities to learn and master different exercises from scratch. There are also monthly nutrition and fitness workshops where new techniques and trends are presented.

Another area of particular interest to me is competitive sport. For these athletes it is particularly important to develop speed, strength, agility, stamina and balance during training; and, in line with improving performance, to achieve the right balance. That is why I have also geared my Institute towards these needs. In addition to comprehensive performance diagnostics, I also offer expertise in competitive and top-class sports. My successes as coach include several world champions, world records and European champions.

Personal training for maximum fitness

Be active, take exercise and feel fit. But many people find it difficult to make their intentions reality. The reasons for this may be not enough time, a lack of motivation or setting the wrong goals. If you are looking to optimise your training, you'll find that MHC® Personal Training is completely tailored to your needs. Our aim is to improve your performance and get you fit.

A personal training concept that brings results

We first check your muscles, level of fitness and coordination. Based on these results, we develop an appropriate exercise programme with you, which you can easily integrate into your daily routine. In one-to-one coaching, our personal trainers and sports scientists implement an individually tailored training programme. Regardless of whether you have a particular sporting challenge in mind, health problems are preventing you regaining your old form, or you simply wish to get fit - the contents of the training units are aligned to your personal goals. Training also benefits your mental balance, increases oxygen intake and, at the same time, even rejuvenates your biological age.

Personal training to get you on top form

Personal training is planned as interdisciplinary – and individually adjusted, based on your continual feedback and regular fitness measurements. As a rule, the training plan includes tailored strength, endurance, agility and coordination elements. These serve as a broad basis for the training programme. Improve efficiency and gain a completely new awareness of your body with optimised personal training.

Medical training therapy (MTT) and specific althletic training

In high-performance sports, athletic training forms the basis for maximising performance potential and is therefore an ideal addition to training for the specific sport itself. It is never looked at in isolation, but always as an entity. The basic forms of motoric movement - strength, endurance, coordination and agility are the 'adjustable screws'. Planning the specific order of these components is dependent on the requirements of the particular type of sport; and the individual needs, strengths and deficits of the sportsperson. Optimising performance and injury prevention are successes for later.

Success through functional MTT training

In contrast to normal weight training, where athletes normally train just one group of muscles in isolation, functional exercises use all three possible axes for physical movement, in the frontal, sagittal and transverse planes.

The aim of medical training therapy is not only to increase the sportsperson's strength, but more to improve sporting performance at the same time. It also prevents injuries.

We ensure that you reach your personal goals through specific training activities, methods and means, as well as by regularly measuring your level of performance.

Performance diagnostics

We help our sportspeople on the way to achieving their personal goals. Our performance diagnostics are individual and tailored to your needs. In our experience, every goal oriented sportsperson can benefit from good performance diagnostics.

We also offer specific tests for sports cyclists:

  • Measuring functional threshold power (FTP)
  • Critical power prognosis (CP)
  • Evaluation of anaerobic performance (Wingate tests, isokinetic maximum power tests)