Finding a balance

Nutrition & Health

Physical performance depends, among other things, on what nutrition is available to the human body. There are numerous philosophies about diet (from "losing weight" to "muscle building"), about the correct energy intake for races, supplements etc...

One thing is for sure: any energy used needs to be replenished and physical performance maintained. We can help you in finding your individual way. We offer various possibilities, which we can advise you on based on your individual questions and requirements.


Correct Nutrition

Do you get cramp when running? Do you get hunger pains ("bonk") when you don't need them? Stomach aches and digestive problems? Or just insufficient energy?

Finding your way around the many products on the market, and the numerous recommendations regarding sport nutrition, is no easy task. Just as for training, your nutrition for competitions needs structured planning to avoid the above mentioned problems.
We offer advice and plans for all competitive disciplines, tailored to the products you wish to use. Based on the information you give, we can provide individual recommendations regarding your nutrition during competitions, combined with useful practical tips.

Had enough of counting calories too?

Not all fat is the same, nor are carbohydrates. It makes a big difference where your nutrition comes from, how you prepare food and when you eat.

Like to know more?
Let us advise you individually. We don't want you to waste time counting calories, so that eating becomes a problem: on the contrary, nutrition should be fun and, at the same time, sustain performance.

Look after your health

Health has always been man's greatest asset. At Mario Huys Coaching we think so too. The WHO defines health as "a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity".
As not only this definition highlights, being "healthy" requires a certain balance in many areas of life. If you follow your personal goals without paying attention to this balance, there is a danger that achievements will not produce any sustainable success or long-term satisfaction.
We will be pleased to offer you the benefits of our personal expertise in reaching your personal goals – to bring you long-term success. Mario Huys Coaching looks forward to making a valuable contribution to your successful individual lifestyle!

Your way to a healthy lifestyle

We offer basic analysis in our packages, individual nutrition plans for competitions and personal coaching depending on your wishes and goals.

For further information, we look forward to your individual enquiries about:

  • Nutrition for competitions
  • Competition weeks
  • Regeneration
  • Basic analysis
  • Individual analysis

If required, we will be pleased to support you in:

  • Losing weight
  • Getting fit
  • Maintaining performance