Information about Coaching from Mario Huys

Anyone committed to a programme for personal success has the best basis for enjoying a happy and, above all, a successful life. Sport is the best example: anyone who dutifully completes the same circuit each day at the same speed will soon no longer be able to identify any improvement in performance. The opposite will be achieved - a loss of performance and an increased risk of injury.

How to achieve success

10 different modules enable you to achieve greater performance, enjoyment, health and ultimately success:

  • Inner balance
  • Motivation
  • Self-confidence
  • Setting clear goals
  • Personal responsibility
  • Training & development
  • Allowing time
  • Stamina / staying power
  • Vision
  • Discipline


  • All health conscious people, managers, trainers, professional sports people, sports medics ....
  • To improve performance, overcome stress and manage training
  • For amateur and professional sportspeople, a zest for life despite an allergy, fitness without abstinence
  • Health and beauty are the result of inner strength and a balanced dynamic equilibrium


Extraordinary advances in science and technology are enriching our lives. In sport fantastic levels of performance are being achieved by athletes.

I help people in identifying and reaching sporting goals. My main focus is on making them more successful, confident and stronger. There are enough critics already. What our age needs is people who encourage (Konrad Adenauer). You become a good coach not only through specialist training and experience. Coaching is an attitude to life - namely understanding and respecting people as they are.

Supporting them, believing in them and not wanting to change them. Not dictating to them, but enabling best performance through appropriate methods and training inputs.



Coaching is an individual and confidential dialogue between you and me. You set the goals that you wish to reach. My clear vision and training plans will give you new impetus. You can reach your best performance through my active and attentive training inputs. Your sporting success will be optimised by my positive support.

Services I can offer you
  • Exclusive personal training and VIP coaching
  • Exclusive IRONMAN & triathlon coaching
  • Online coaching with Globalfox Systems
  • Health management consultancy
  • Events and organisation
  • Sourcing/training of trainers, consultancy and design of gyms & wellness areas
  • Training courses, camps, clinics and workshops
  • Specialist area: training science, individual coaching of single athletes or teams, fitness training.
Your benefits from coaching


  • get moral support
  • are encouraged and taken seriously
  • stick to your goals, even when things get difficult
  • will not give up
  • achieve any sporting goals you may have
  • make a determined start and take the first step

Your coach:

  • respects your background, values and wishes
  • starts from where you are at the moment
  • provides healthy, top-class training
  • focuses on you
  • believes in you and your dreams
Service summary
  • Range of coaching & sports
  • Professional triathlon & personal coaching
  • Social and lifestyle review
  • Nutritional awareness
  • Risk anamnesis
  • Training goals review
  • Medical history
  • Medication anamnesis
  • Vital functions
  • Body data
  • Girth measurement
  • Visual findings
  • Body type measurement
  • Muscle function test - strength
  • Muscle function test - flexibility
  • Coordination test
  • Performance and lactate tests
  • Blood parameters
  • Cardio module
  • Havard step test
  • Cooper running test
  • PWC level test
  • Lung spirometry
  • Analysis & statistics
  • Training planning and management
  • Online coaching with Globalfox system